About Us

Starting Chance is a non-profit Public Benefit Organisation that is passionate about education and in particular Early Childhood Development (ECD). We firmly believe that transformation in South Africa begins by giving young children aged 0 – 6 living in poverty a starting chance.

With this in mind we have developed an integrated model to holistically address all aspects of a child’s early development.

There is a passion for learning amongst the young people of South Africa – they deserve a fair deal. Without a decent education system a nation cannot prosper.
– Dr Stuart Saunders

Pre-School education is vital for children to learn how to learn, without it they will never be learners.
– Dr Margaret Ellsworth

We have to be aspirational for the children of South Africa. The research is clear, learning behaviours required to become productive adults are set between the ages of 0 to 6.
– Prof Eric Atmore