Planning a volunteers d2016-02-13 12.27.31ay can be fun especially when it involves family, friends and the community. We arrived at Blooming Stars Educare in Mfuleni at 9 am on a Saturday morning armed with what we thought was plenty of paint, brushes, goggles and gloves. Before we knew it, 15 amazing ladies who were parents, teachers and interested community members and kids of all ages  had joined us! Soon everyone was chatting, paint trays were filled and it was brushes to the wall. After just a few hours and lots of laughs, the long wall was covered and looking extremely smart! The little ones were great – their brushes and rollers flew over the walls and paint spattered their faces, fingers and toes.

Meanwhile the “Dream Team”  decided to create a tyre pyramid in the activity area – with no power, man power stepped in  and the boys had lots of help and advice. Recycled tyres were the theme for the day – with a lick of paint Sam brought the caterpillar tyre obstacle to life while Terra and Michael created a tyre sandpit.

By the end of the m2016-02-13 10.42.53orning, we had transformed a sandy space into a living, vibrant playground for 180 children, giving the children a “Starting Chance” on their outdoor educational journey. Thank you to Eva and Christer  and Eileen Neville for their financial donations, to Philiswa and her community and the Corbett family 2016-02-13 12.13.49with James, Mike and Tom. Together we made it happen!

Starting Chance will be continuing with this playground project for Blooming Stars Educare in Mfuleni. If you want to join us for a volunteers day or if you would like to donate to this wonderful project, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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