Early childhood education and care incorporates a holistic approach which includes the development of the child emotionally, socially, cognitively, physically and spiritually.

The teacher acts as a facilitator of experiential learning methodology in a stimulating environment that supports the child in learning through and with their senses. The approach is one of experimentation and exploration where the child initiates their own learning at a developmentally appropriate pace. This should include accelerated learning and support learning for children with difficulties.

Teachers need to be in tune with the emotional and socially appropriate development for children and be able to support parents in understanding these developmental norms of children. A positive discipline approach should be introduced based on self-management and motivation by the child. This will enable a child to have a good sense of self and develop self-esteem as they manage themselves in their environment. They become active participants and establish agreements and consequences in this process.

The most important element is “PLAY”. Play is the work of a child. They learn best when they are involved in learning activities that interest and inspire them.

Meryl Fourie is our Starting Chance Education Coordinator