Happy Dad

A dad enjoys story time

Hope message

Writing a love message

We don’t ever want to underestimate a parent’s passion for their children. It doesn’t matter where you are – poverty stricken townships or affluent country homes – caring parents always want the best for their children. The power of giving is also a force to be reckoned with. Put the two together and extraordinary things start to happen.
Starting Chance is critically aware that an engaged parent means an engaged child. The parents in Mfuleni desperately want to help their children to have a “better start for a better future” but often they simply don’t know how or they haven’t got the means or both. HomeChoice partnered with Starting Chance to change that.
We approached it from 2 critical angles. We began with parent knowledge exchange workshops. Parents from our 9 schools are invited to attend a free morning at their child’s school where they become a child for a day! They go through the daily programme, painting up a storm in creative art, dancing and singing in the music movement ring, testing out their spatial relations as they tackle a puzzle and enjoying a story at the end of the day. Through this experience they learn how to help their child at home.
As part of the programme HomeChoice engaged their entire workforce for Mandela Day to put together boxes of hope for each parent and child across our 9 schools. Each box had toys or games that related to each aspect of the daily programme. It was extraordinary to watch the joy come across people’s faces as they wrote their love note to the child they were packing for. The atmosphere at HomeChoice on Mandela Day made ones heart burst with joy and there weren’t many dry eyes as people danced and sang as they packed and stacked. A “Wall of Joy” grew and grew and before we knew the entire wall was filled with boxes.
The boxes were then delivered free of charge by Remailit to Mfuleni and we started to distribute them to all the schools. The reaction was incredible. Here are some of the comments:
“Well done to HomeChoice and Starting Chance – you really care and you make changes in our community. Our parents can’t shut their mouths with excitement. You encourage us to work hard and build strong relationships with our parents. Thank you.” Philiswa Blooming Stars Principal
“Hip Hip Starting Chance Team and HomeChoice – we thank you very much – I don’t believe what I see.” Princess Ikusasalethu Educare
“Wow! Thank you so much. We feel so Blessed – you really make a difference to us, our children and our parents – God Bless.” Jama Mzamomhle Educare
The Wall of Joy has turned into a flood of hope, community spirit and determination to change the lives of these children and their parents. This is South Africa at its very best!