In the Mfuleni townhsip, some 60 kilometers outside Cape Town, remarkable things are happening. This time last year, Blooming Stars consisted of a few wooden shacks, lots of sand and lots of children. The teachers were committed, hard working but frustrated by their environment. Home Choice Development Trust (HCDT)  and Starting Chance wanted to change that. In December 2015, a brand new building was opened by Margaret Fraser, on behalf of HCDT. When the school opened its doors in January 2016, it was like turning the page of a brand new book and the teachers had the privilege of putting their own stamp and style into the book. The results have been amazing. Using recycled material and  donations, classrooms have been transformed.

blooming stars classroom 1

Fantasy corner – your imagination has no limit

collecting waste

Using recycled material, shelves can be built, cupboards can be made

A good Early Childhood Development (ECD) Center should have a variety of different areas for the children to play in. A fantasy corner  develops imagination, A book nook helps to engage the children in literacy and transports them to worlds they have never experienced. Creative art stimulates language, maths and life skills and art displayed enhances self esteem. Walk into any classroom in this school and you could be anywhere in a smart suburb in Cape Town. There is art on the walls, books on the shelves, and happy children loving the “Starting Chance” they have been given on the educational journey.

This is real transformation – these children are the future of South Africa. They will be our next doctors, scientists, politicians. Don’t they deserve the very best chance we can give them?

Join us on this remarkable journey – we would love to embark on new partnerships and support so that we can spread the joy and give more children amazing opportunities…

art at blooming stars

Beautiful art brings the classroom to life

blooming stars classroom 2

Books and games for those quiet moments