There’s something infinitely satisfying when a group of people with a common aim and heart come together. 2015-07-17 11.18.54 On 17th July, ahead of the Mandela festivities worldwide, a little educare tucked away in the middle of a township just outside Cape Town experienced the inspiration of Mandela when he proclaimed in Hyde Park, London on the occasion of his 90th birthday celebrations in 2008, “It is time for new hands to lift the burden. It is in your hands now.”

The Home Choice Human Resources Department decided to come together to make a difference for Poulina Ponoane, the Principal of Little Stars Educare, her teachers and the 55 children. Ahead of time, they asked what the real needs were and planned their visit. Poulina and the children started their preparations too. South African flags were made, Mandela photograph and books about him were proudly displayed and songs were practiced. There was eager anticipation both on the part of the givers and those to whom things would be given. When we arrived, there was such excitement in the air at the little school, little faces joyful and proud kept peeping out of the door to see where their visitors were.

2015-07-17 10.26.20At last the gates opened and in came beautiful ladies, wearing bright cheerful pink T Shirts and laden with bags and bags of goodies, bright yellow cupcakes and cool drink. Poulina was overwhelmed and tears of joy filled her eyes as she unpacked beautiful warm blankets and pillows and stunning books.

Together everyone made a cosy book corner and the children snuggled down amidst their visitors to enjoy a story and some fun with games and puzzles. It made us all feel warm and fuzzy inside and there was a sense that Mr Mandela was smiling down on his people. He would have been proud of the camaraderie, wonderful spirit and joy that his inspiration had resulted in some 7 years later. Bless you Home Choice ladies for for your unstinting generosity, Bless you Poulina and your children and teachers for your hard work and passion. Together we can give the children of Cape Town a flying start on their educational journey.

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