Starting Chance has been running Training Teachers in Township workshops for 5 years in Mfuleni. In 2017 it was decided that our fieldworkers were ready to run these sessions on their own. It has been fantastic to see the response of the teachers in Mfuleni as the year has unfolded.
Nombelelo, our field worker says, “These workshops were most exciting and we had good turn outs. It is the first time I have been running the workshops on my own. The attendance has been so great, 29- 40 people for Phase 1 groups! We have the workshops on a Saturday morning once a month. We cover different topics each month and we link it to what is happening in the daily programmes at school.
It has been most enjoyable and wonderful to see the teaching practitioners so cooperative, willing to learn, and showing interest and eagerness during training.
Here are some of the positive comments we have had from the teachers attending the workshops:

“I learn a lot: how to involve parents and kids in their programme, how to help children with their independence”

“I have learned how to plan ahead of time, and how to do written planning.”

“I have learned I must be responsible for my classes.”

“Now I know that constructive play must happen in class and safety is important.”

“Education is taking place in class no and I realise the needs of kids must to be put first.”

We run 8 workshops a year and we have 15-25 schools represented at each workshop. Help us to continue by donating towards these events.