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Emmanuel children want a starting chance

Starting Chance Trust is passionate about early childhood development and we believe that by giving our children a better start we are giving them a better future. Christiaan Greyling,a trail runner, is passionate about running and making a difference so next week we have a match made in heaven!

Christiaan, who represented South Africa in long distance mountain running in 2014, will sleep on Table Mountain in a hut without electricity from May 8 until Friday 13 and run to work and back 24km each day. He will be joined on Table Mountain by four members of the Mountain Club of South Africa.

“With today’s fast-paced lives we sometimes forget to pause and appreciate life and follow our purpose or make a change. We need to sacrifice to appreciate. I have a dream, and I believe I can give someone else a starting chance through doing what I love: running up a mountain. With a little sacrifice I will be saving R120 a day and donating this to an educational charity for children,” said Greyling.

Starting Chance has a dream too – we want to do 4 “shack to chic’ makeovers for our Mfuleni schools in the next 18 months. We want to offer quality training and development to the passionate teachers who are transforming the lives of children in Mfuleni. We focus on key areas to ensure change. Shack to chic ensures an excellent learning environment, training helps to develop teachers with skill to match their passion, assessments focus improvement and ensure quality, our teachers and children have the chance to become tech savvy and our overarching aim is to ensure our children are ready for school.

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You can help us by supporting this brilliant initiative, make our dreams come true and change the lives of 1000’s of children. By clicking on our donate button let’s help to raise R50 000.