It is a long process to get an  early childhood center registered. Blooming Stars,our most recent “shack to chic” center is getting ready to apply for registration. What does this mean and why is it important? Registration is the gateway to opening up economic sustainability for the center. If registration with the Department of Social Development is successful, the school can apply for governmental subsidies. It can register with Western Cape Education Department and apply for their subsidies. Success can change the lives of the children attending the school. It is the difference between teachers earning R1000 a day for a 12 hour day and giving them a meaningful salary. It means our children can receive a nourishing meal twice a day. It allows the school to buy educational games and toys. Basically registration and then successful subsidy application is a game changer.

In the early childhood journey It is a convoluted and time consuming process, but well worth pursuing. It has taken us nearly a year and hours of support from our tenacious Swedish volunteer, Lo Dagerman, to get our other center, Little Stars, registered. Now we wait to see whether the Little Stars subsidy application will be successful – this could take another 6 months.

registration means a good learning environment

A classroom at Blooming Stars

So what is holding us back for Blooming Stars? These children are sleeping on a cement floor. We need 195 mattresses for the children to sleep on, we need plastic tables and chairs, blankets, cooking utensils and a few other basics. If you would like to help us get registered please donate any of these items or contact us if you think you can help. Together we really can give our children the flying start they deserve.


Registration means getting planning approval

Ali Corbett with Philiswa, Principal of Ncubeko