One of our field workers, Joyce Mantyi, has had a busy first year with Starting Chance, and is making a real difference in the educares she visits – both for the teachers and assistants as well as the children.

Nowhere has her impact been more evident than in the shack-based Likonaithemba Educare (see before and after photos below), where standards and performance had proved to be difficult to change. During the year a marked improvement became evident. This has been sustained through the input Joyce has provided (see table summarising 2018 activities), which has led our education team to recommend an upgrade for Principal Nondemiso. This is a key milestone in the programme.




Joyce has completed 46 onsite visits to date and is uplifiting the learning environment for 86 learners at four educares. Areas in which Joyce has had impact during 2018:

 Supporting teachers to provide a safe and healthy environment for children, and helping them to implement the new ideas that they learn from TTinT workshops;

 Some teachers join ECD centres with lack of knowledge or experience, so by supporting them Joyce helps them to build their self-esteem and understand the ways of interacting with children;

 Encouraging the use of recycled materials to make their own resources;

 Supporting the implementation of a structured classroom that provides more opportunities to engage children and encourage learning development. Key areas in which Joyce has added value include:

 Role modelling the activities that are necessary to develop children holistically

 Choosing topics that are suitable for toddlers

 Structuring time slots of their daily programmes

 Introduction of a sleeping routine strategy for toddlers which is now beginning to work for some of our centres

 Supporting team work

 Accepting and giving feedback and willingness to learn from others.

We look forward to seeing Joyce’s contribution in 2019!


“In 2019, I want to keep encouraging teachers to work according to their planning and to stick to their routines.” – Joyce