What exactly does it mean to volunteer? It is always interesting to see how different people respond to this question.  I first met Lo Dagerman and her husband Brian Levy at an event held at our hub school in Mfuleni 3 years ago. Sometimes when chatting to new folk, there is a transitory interest, a kind of polite “Oh really – that’s interesting,” before moving on to the next topic of conversation. For others, there is a deliberate avoidance of tricky questions. But for Lo – there was an immediate and genuine interest in what we were doing followed by an offer of help. She asked if she could visit us and find out more about our work. This led to her joining our team on  a volunteer basis and tackling a number of new challenges. She engaged with our teachers and principals, worked with our team and offered very valuable skills and suggestions. She has volunteered every year since then and has been invaluable with support she has given for many different aspects of the project. Lo and Brian have become  friends of Starting Chance and have taken their volunteering spirit back to Washington with them, They don’t stop – every year they hold some sort of event at their home to raise awareness and funds for Starting Chance. This has resulted in our schools being able to go on outings to beautiful places in the Cape. This has impacted how our teachers approach the teaching of nature to their children. The long term benefit will be felt for many years to come.


Brian chatting to friends at the Cape Town to Washington dinner

With non profit work we are always so grateful for volunteers and their contribution can never be underestimated. Starting Chance is a small Trust – there are only 4 trustees. But we have huge passion and big dreams.

To have people want to join our family of “Friends of Starting Chance” is always so exciting for us and we have been blown away by special people who give of their time,  their expertise, their networks and their friendship.

Arjan from the Netherlands cycled to work for a week and raised over R30 000 for us. Christiaan, a long distance trail runner ran to work and stayed in a mountain hut for a week and donated all the proceeds to Starting Chance. Eva and her friends in Sweden are saving money from their book club and selling items at the local market and have raised 3400 euros.

eva and friendsday 1

The greater purpose

The greater purpose

Help us to build our family – join us wherever you are in the world and let’s give the children of Cape Town a better start so that they can build a better future. Check out our website: https://startingchance.org.za/

Contact: [email protected] and join us TODAY!