20160412_102132_resized Starting Chance supports nine schools in Mflueni that have little or no educational equipment. How can we change that? Sweet Valley Primary school in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, has Grade 2’s with huge hearts.  Four times a year these wonderful children change lives. The children with their parents and the amazing staff collect educational items for Starting Chance. If we ask for outdoor play equipment we don’t just get one or two items, we get a car full!   There are approximately 2000 children who need educational games and toys each year just within our programme. We have a resource room that acts like a toy library so our Mfuleni schools can borrow equipment and return it when they finish. The items we collect from Sweet Valley allow us to stock our resource centre and give away things to our schools when we see the need.  “Its like Christmas, Birthdays and Easter all rolled into one,” exclaimed one of the Principals, Elizabeth.

What is interesting is how it changes the Sweet Valley children too. “I want to make a difference, I know these children don’t have very much and I can change that.”  “Please send us photos – we want to see where the toys are going.” With this attitude, these children are showing us how to make meaningful changes and give us hope for the future of South Africa. We need to start with the very young to build relationships and understanding.

We would love it if other Cape Town schools decided to open their hearts and cupboards and join Sweet Valley to give our township children a “Starting Chance” on their educational journey. If you would like to help, please contact us. We will gladly visit your school, chat to your children and if you would like to visit us we would love to engage you in a meaningful activity in one of our township schools. Contact me on [email protected] or phone me on 0824911171 TODAY.

educational games and toys from Sweet Valley

A boot load of goodies from Sweet Valley

Emmanuel Educare

Emmanuel Educare enjoying the outdoor play items from Sweet Valley