Phase 2 of Campus Project (Phase 1 Lonwabo Special Care Centre has been completed - see below)

About The Campaign

Campus Project

On 12 October 2021 we completed phase 1 of our Campus Project. In Phase 2, we plan to build a new early childhood centre which will offer opportunities for children of all abilities to grow and develop together, based on the principle of universal access.

The aim is to create an inclusive early learning environment where children with all abilities can play and meet together so that Lonwabo children can more effectively transition into state-run schools offering inclusive primary and secondary education and the opportunity of a more fulfilling future.

In the 12 years since the founders of Starting Chance began working in Mfuleni, the number of early childhood centres has increased dramatically from around 40 to more than 100. Applying the national statistics on disability prevalence we conservatively estimate that upward of 300 children in Mfuleni in the 0 to 6 age range currently have special educational needs.

South African children with disabilities in the 0 to 3 age group are the least serviced sub-group of our population.

The reach and impact of the campus once it is completed is really only limited by our and your imagination.
Start today – join us in making it a reality and bring the opportunity of a better future to many.

Phase 2 Pledged: R0.5 Million

of R6.555 Million Goal

We still need to raise a further R6.055 Million to complete the campus that Lonwabo forms part of.


Phase 1 Campus Project - completed

About The Campaign

Lonwabo Special Care Centre was prioritised to put an end to pressure being applied on the principal to keep improving the existing centre or face closure. It will be a crucial element in a unique campus,
creating the opportunity for an inclusive start to early childhood education in a township community.

On 12 October 2021, Starting Chance opened the first Special Care Centre in Mfuleni suitable for disabled children, some of South Africa's most hidden and overlooked young people.

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Likonaithemba/ Hluma Academy

The Shack to Chic project will integrate two existing early childhood facilities into one centre Likonaithemba (0 to 4 years) and Hluma Academy (4 to 6 years). It will cater for 220 children.

Raised: Ro

Money needed: R3 - R3.5M